At MLGW, we believe that lifelong learning is the foundation for a healthy community, from school children to adults. Therefore, we offer several educational programs to support students, teachers and the community at large. The MLGW Power League superheroes assist us with teaching school age children about energy conservation and safety. Our superheroes who save our city on a daily basis are The Terminator, Conservation Girl, Blue Flame, Water Mane and Captain Mercaptan.

The Terminator

The Terminator is an MLGW lineman who interacts with the community while teaching them about electric safety. He gives advice on electric safety and aims to help us develop safe habits related to electricity and electrical equipment.

Conservation Girl

Conservation Girl is known by Leslie ‘Les” Bill while at work but when she receives a high bill alert, she does a girl twirl and transforms into Conservation Girl to teach us how to save energy and lower utility costs.

Blue Flame

The Blue Flame is all about gas as he blazes through the community helping MLGW customers identify and rid their homes of gas safety hazards.

Water Mane

Water Mane never misses a beat as he flows through Shelby County teaching citizens about protecting Memphis’s invaluable water resource (the Memphis aquifer) and water conservation.

Captain Mercaptan

Captain Mercaptan’s mission is to educate MLGW customers about mercaptan, the foul-smelling gas that is added to natural gas. He stresses, “Smell gas, leave fast!”

Power League - Activities


A classic multiple choice and true/false quiz game focusing on energy conservation. You can play and review individually or learn together as a class.

Friendly Feud

A trivia showdown focusing on STEM and conservation topics, which can be played one-on-one or team versus team. High score wins!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Connect the puzzle pieces to discover electrical safety tips.


A Language Arts activity where you fill in the blank using letters to spell water conservation vocabulary words.

Memory Mayhem

A memory game to test your skill at finding and matching informational icons

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