Awakening Education from a Distance

Distance Learning

Unless you unplugged from all forms of communication including the news and social media, you’re probably aware of the coronavirus and its effects throughout the world. One major consequence of the pandemic is awakening a change in education—a fact in which you, a member of NTC’s Professional Educators Network, are currently entrenched.

Integrating technology as a primary communication tool for educators is a significant methodological and pedagogical shift for numerous people. We realize some schools used technology for learning outside of the classroom previously. However, we’ve encountered many who scrambled to find distance learning solutions at a moment’s notice. How does that shift change your approach? Are your students receiving the same benefits from distance learning as they are with in-classroom instruction? Does the current learning environment change the educational landscape for the foreseeable future?

As we at NTC are working diligently to adapt to continue to support education in the most accessible way, those are a few of the questions we cannot answer ourselves. We need you, the expert who is consistently immersed in this educational transformation. If you have a few minutes after your online instruction and need a break from feverishly transcribing all of your hand written notes you’ve used for years into a digital format or merely want to find a survey outside of Facebook, click on the survey link below. We believe our PEN members are the best and the brightest, so your insights are important to us.

The complexion of education in the United States has recently changed. What has not changed is that you remain at the heart of educating our youth. For that, we are grateful.

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