Beyond the Blue Flame Livestream Special

Natural Gas Conservation

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Grades 9-12

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35 Minutes

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Show Overview

Beyond the Blue Flame Livestream Special is a culinary arts education program for grades 9-12 that offers classrooms a convenient, online-accessible option for experiencing educational theatre.

This 35-minute online show presents virtual lessons in culinary arts, safe and energy efficient use of natural gas in the kitchen, and healthy eating. Through an interactive web platform, a live host will offer a Q&A with your students and introduce entertaining comedy sketches.

Chapter One: The benefits of natural gas
Ariana is tasked with recording a video diary for her Family and Consumer Sciences class. She spends a lot of time on clever editing and effects to help describe her memories of the home-cooked comfort food her grandmother used to make. Ariana’s video diary is really good but her teacher thinks that it will only be complete once Ariana tries her grandma’s recipes for herself.

Chapter Two: Important cooking methods
It’s Thursday night at the Price house, which means it’s Dad’s turn to “cook.” As usual, Ross proudly arrives at home with burgers and fries from a local fast-food joint. However, Tiffany and Alexis, his wife and daughter, have had enough of greasy burgers. Cut to a steakhouse where the family has swapped fast food for carefully-prepared meals. Inspired by the culinary talent and skills on display, Alexis politely lets her parents know that very soon, she’ll be taking over their Thursday night dinners.

Chapter Three: Foods that are prepared with natural gas
Scotty is a kid who loves his vegetables, but while away at summer camp, he’s disappointed by the soggy, gray veggies being served. Things get surreal when he is visited by a sentient, wise-cracking broccoli floret that reveals there are ways to cook vegetables that make them look and taste much better. Suddenly, “Scott” – now an adult – jolts awake in bed. The broccoli dream is back! At a vegetarian cooking class, Scott tells a fellow student how his weird, recurring childhood dream sparked his interest in cooking. The two of them chat about the different skills it takes to make creative vegetarian dishes. It’s another great day in the kitchen! That is, until our hero opens the fridge and hears a familiar voice …

This presentation is accompanied by comprehensive culinary arts curriculum intended for FACs and culinary arts classrooms. Developed by A Pass Educational Group, this curriculum offers eight online learning modules with beginning, intermediate and advanced lessons for high school students that delve deeper into cooking tutorials, recipes, kitchen safety and jobs/careers in the food industry.


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Educational Standards


  • The benefits of natural gas
  • Important cooking methods
  • What equipment is needed for cooking with natural gas
  • Foods that are prepared with natural gas


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