Captain Wattage

Energy Conservation

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Grades K-6

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25 Minutes

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News flash! Captain Wattage, hero of everything to do with energy, learns that the city is in danger. It seems that Vivica Voltage, waste-ress supreme, is leaving lights on all over the city.

Not only that, but she is wasting energy as fast as she can.

With the help of a volunteer sidekick, Captain Wattage sets off to stop Vivica. But soon, Vivica Voltage steals Captain Wattage’s secret helmet of knowledge–the source of his super smarts.

How can Captain Wattage stop Vivica Voltage’s wasting if he doesn’t have his helmet? Will Iona Badge and Mrs. Ellie Mentry be able to help? Stay tuned!

Captain Wattage also provides digital student playbooks, teacher guides and online activities to expand on the educational content of the in-school assembly.

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Educational Standards


  • How electricity is made
  • The uses of electricity
  • Identifying dangerous electrical conditions
  • How to be safe around electricity


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