Once Upon A Flame

Natural Gas Conservation and Safety

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Grades K - 6

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25 Minutes

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TinkerFred, has a problem. He’s the auto-mechanic uncle to the famous Tinkerbell. He has wings, sure, but he feels more comfortable under the hood of a sport utility vehicle than he does flying through the air. He lives in Fairytale-sylvania with all of the other off-brand characters from literature. But today, his auto shop is having serious problems. The natural gas water heater is broken, the furnace isn’t working right and worse, he promised to bake a cake for his niece’s birthday and the oven isn’t working. Luckily his friend Little Blue Riding Hood (Little Red Riding Hood’s sister who knows a lot more about natural gas) comes along and explains to him how we use natural gas. She also explains how electricity is generated at a power plant using natural gas.

As TinkerFred says goodbye to Little Blue Riding Hood, he runs into the Wicked Witch of the Upper Northwest. She tells him that she is responsible for all of the malfunctioning natural gas devices. She’s been wasting all the natural resources like natural gas because she figures everyone should be just as cold as she is living in the frozen tundra of the northern hemisphere. She tells TinkerFred all the ways that natural gas can be wasted. The only way TinkerFred can fix things is by learning all he can about natural gas. Certain she is causing the most misery and mayhem she can, she flies off.

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Educational Standards


  • How we use natural gas
  • The geology and history of natural gas
  • How to conserve natural gas
  • How to be safe around natural gas


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