Ready or Not

Emergency Preparation

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Grades K-5

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25 minutes

Show Synopsis

Penelope Planner is having a pretty good day. She’s just about to visit her aunt, Dr. Ima Scientist. Dr. Scientist has a real emergency on her hands and needs Penelope’s help. Dr. Scientist explains the difference between an emergency, a hazard and a disaster. Dr. Scientist has created a disaster. Literally. The disaster came to life and escaped. Dr. Scientist did have a chance to name the disaster: Calamity Dwayne. It’s up to Penelope to find Calamity Dwayne and bring him back to the lab. Before she even gets to the end of the block, she comes face to face with Calamity Dwayne. He’s loud, rude and totally unpredictable. Calamity Dwayne leaves and Penelope sets off to learn more. She next meets Officer Iona Badge. She tells Penelope one of the most important things a family can do in an emergency or disaster is to have a family communication plan. A family can even practice safety drills and decide where they will meet in the neighborhood in case of an emergency. They can also create an emergency kit that contains things they may need like a flashlight in case the power is out. Penelope thanks Officer Badge and goes off to continue her journey. Next, she runs into Blaze Ashman, a local firefighter who loves helping people out. He tells Penelope that he is a first responder. Than means it is his job to go to where there in an emergency and help people in need. Other examples of first responders are police officers, paramedics and other emergency workers. If an emergency happens, you can always look for the first responders to give you helpful information or take you to safety. Finally, Penelope has enough information to face Calamity Dwayne. With the help of a student volunteer, she confronts him. Together they tell Calamity Dwayne that they are prepared with a family communication plan, emergency kit and they know the first responders in their neighborhood. Penelope, the volunteer and the entire audience defeat Calamity Dwayne. Knowing he’s lost, he pouts and leaves. Penelope thanks the volunteer for helping her out. She waves goodbye and goes off to let her aunt know she saved the day.


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Educational Standards


  • The difference between a disaster, emergency and hazard
  • What a family emergency plan is
  • How to create a family emergency plan
  • Who to seek for help in an emergency


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