The Aqua League Livestream Special

Water Conservation

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Grades K-6

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35 Minutes


Show Overview

Debuting this year, our Livestream Special offers classrooms a convenient, online-accessible option for experiencing educational theatre.

This 35-minute show presents a virtual lesson in water conservation for grades K-6. Through an interactive web platform, a live host will introduce entertaining sketches featuring a variety of characters in professionally filmed scenes from our live theatrical productions – and guide classrooms to participate in a discussion on water’s importance:

Scene 1:
With a storm approaching, Dodge Ball City’s Sheriff Gooper tries to convince Reginald the Cow to seek shelter while also explaining the uses of water.

Scene 2:
While preparing for a dinner party, ranger Frances Budkowitz seeks the assistance of her friend, Treble Chef, to figure out why they have no water – and to discover the journey it takes to our homes, businesses and schools.

Scene 3:
On her last day as an agent of paranormal activity, Dana Skuller confronts her replacement, alien Ooot Blatuu, about the equipment we use to get water where we need it.

Scene 4:
What seems like a showdown between Sheriff Gooper and her arch nemesis, Ron of the Cons, about how to save and protect the water is not what it seems to be.

Students and teachers will also have access to a Q&A with the host, and an exclusive e-learning package that includes e-books and graphic novels, games, quizzes and lesson plans for the classroom that reinforce concepts from the show.


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Educational Standards


  • The uses of water
  • The journey that water takes
  • The equipment we use to get water where we need it
  • What you can do to save and protect water


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