The Aqua League

Water Conservation

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Grades K-5

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25 Minutes

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The City is in turmoil! Unaware of this turmoil is our hero, Misty Dewdrop, purveyor of parasols in a small umbrella shop in midtown. Her neighbor, Tara Misu, owner of the Italian restaurant, Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti, runs in complaining about how someone is wasting and polluting all of the water in The City. What she doesn’t realize is that while she is venting to the mild mannered Misty Dewdrop, she is also talking to The Watercooler, the newest member of the water-themed superhero team, The Aqua League. Tara and Misty discuss the journey water goes on from rain to rivers to the pipes in our homes. Together they theorize that the no goodnik in question is none other than Dame Judy Drenched, notorious water waster. Transforming out of her alter ego, The Watercooler meets Carp Kerschner, a local fisherman who describes how Dame Judy pollutes the water, making it unusable by the good people of The City. So The Watercooler then seeks the aid of Thunderstorm, an ally in the Aqua League, who helps her engineer a water pump while helping our hero learn about ways to conserve water. But will it be enough? Will The Watercooler learn a way to defeat Dame Judy? Watch the show to find out!

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Educational Standards


  • The uses of water
  • The journey that water takes
  • The tools we use to get water where we need it
  • What you can do to save and protect water


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