The Conservation Caper

Energy Conservation

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Grades K-6

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25 Minutes

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Show Synopsis

Nikki Neutron is enjoying a relaxing day at the company picnic. U. R. Fired, the head of The Energized Guyz, has set up a quiz against a company of super villains as part of the festivities. Nikki has been pitted against Dr. Maybe, an indecisive villain bent on wasting water and energy! U.R. Fired tells Nikki all about energy and how electricity is created using resources. Determined to win the quiz, Nikki sets off.

With the help of some Energized friends, Cape Cod and Tech Guy, Nikki learns about ways we waste energy like using older light bulbs and not turning off appliances.

Finally, with the help of a student volunteer, Nikki teaches Dr. Maybe the importance of not wasting energy and easy ways to conserve it.

Does Nikki learn enough about energy efficiency to defeat Dr. Maybe?

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Educational Standards


  • The science of energy
  • Energy and technology
  • What energy efficiency is
  • What YOU can do to conserve energy


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