The Safety Detectives in Hot Pursuit

Electrical Safety

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K-5 Students

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25 Minutes

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Frances “Buddy” Budkowitz is the newest member of The Safety Detectives, an elite squad of investigators. When accidental fires break out all over town, Buddy gets suspicious, and she’s the only one in the office who can investigate.

Buddy follows the trail of smoke to Sounds Delicious, the restaurant / music store next door, where proprietor Treble Chef teaches her about fires caused by faulty electrical wiring, and about a suspicious villain with wings who may be responsible. Buddy’s path leads her to dog breeder Bernard St. Bernard, where she learns why appliances like space heaters need to be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Finally, back at Safety Detective Headquarters, Willie the janitor gives Buddy the scoop on smoke alarms.

When she can finally put it all together, Buddy concludes the fires were “accidentally” started by notorious villain, The Firefly! Now, she has to face him alone.

Will she succeed? The fate of the city hangs in the balance!

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Educational Standards


  • What electricity is
  • The uses of electricity
  • How to identify dangerous electrical conditions
  • How to prevent electrical fires


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