The Water Pirates of Neverland Livestream Special

Water Conservation

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Grades K-6

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35 Minutes

Show Overview

Our brand new Livestream Special offers classrooms a convenient, online-accessible option for experiencing educational theatre.

This 35-minute show presents a virtual lesson in water conservation for grades K-6. Through an interactive web platform, a live host will introduce entertaining sketches featuring a variety of characters in professionally filmed scenes from our live theatrical productions – and guide classrooms to participate in a discussion on water’s importance and the hazards of pollution.

Through puppetry and sing-along for grades K-2 and in-depth discussion questions for grades 3-6, students are prompted to consider how we can use water wisely after watching each sketch:

Scene 1: Captain Doorknob and his 27th mate Swabby are trying to figure out their lunch plans. Little do they know; a villain lurks nearby!

Scene 2: Water Pirate Captain Doorknob and Delbert Clogg face water waster from the deep, Dame Judy Drenched! Can they persuade her to stop polluting water?

Scene 3: Captain Doorknob investigates Tory Misu’s Dockside Café where he has a final showdown with Dame Judy Drenched.

Students and teachers will also have access to a Q&A with the host, and an exclusive e-learning package that includes e-books and graphic novels, games, quizzes and lesson plans for the classroom that reinforce concepts from the show.


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Educational Standards


  • The uses of water
  • The importance of water
  • Ways water gets polluted
  • How to conserve water


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