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Grades 5-8

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40 Minutes

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This 40-minute show is for middle school and junior high students (grades 5-8), with focus on coding, innovation, and the uses and consequences of technology.

In a series of sketches, the actors use audience suggestions to create uniquely hilarious scenes that educate on these subjects. The sketches include a worker teaching a boss how to code, a kooky inventor linking technology to creativity and innovation, a game called “Tic Tech Toe” that teaches about the unintended effects of technology, and a demonstration of a “Zombie Bot,” showing how we can all do our part to help secure the internet.

Time for Tech includes the live performance at your school, playbooks for your students, teacher guides, and online digital learning games to help your students remember the educational points.

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Educational Standards


  • Coding is useful and powerful
  • Innovation drives technology
  • Technology can have unintended consequences
  • What we can do to secure the internet


Teacher Guide The National Theatre for Children


Teacher Guide The National Theatre for Children

Teacher Guide

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