Voice Your Vote

Civics Education

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Grades K-5

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25 Minutes

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Show Synopsis

The show opens in the workshop of the legendary Ben Franklin. We are in the early days of the fledgling American Republic and there is much to do. Ben needs Abigail to research the planned elections. People will need to know where to vote and when. But what is an election? And more importantly what is a vote? Ben explains how the elections will work but then he has to leave. It seems as though Balthazar Crabtree has plans to undermine the democracy of the United States. It’s up to Abigail and Ben to learn what they can to prevent it.

Abigail uses her natural curiosity to get the job done. She first meets Briny Bill Bilgewater, who tells her all about the importance of a vote and how voting works in different situations. Next, she meets Simon Heimlich and learns about why we vote. He also teaches her about the kinds of things and people that people vote for from laws, mayors and city council people, all the way to the President of the United States. Finally, Abigail confronts Balthazar. With the help of student volunteers, she is able to defeat Balthazar and teaches him just how important our right to vote is to everyone. She hurries back to the workshop to tell Ben Franklin about everything she has learned.

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Educational Standards


  • Definition of voting
  • When you can vote
  • Why you should vote
  • What you can vote for


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