The Water Pirates of Neverland: Run Aground

Water Conservation/Pollution

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Grades K - 6

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25 Minutes

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Captain Doorknob is very upset. His ship has run aground on a desert island and now he’s stuck. A pirate’s place is at sea, not stuck on a desert island! Luckily, Doorknob meets Kip, a scruffy castaway who teaches the Captain how important fresh drinking water is. Kip also informs the Captain that these waters are home to another infamous pirate, Toni the Flipper; an angry dolphin – and a pirate.

The Captain is not impressed, but he tells Kip that he will give him a ride home if Kip will help him get his ship off the sandbar. Kip agrees and leaves to inspect the ship. It is then that Captain Doorknob meets PJ, a vacationing penguin from the Falkland Islands. PJ is astounded to learn that the Captain has been throwing his trash overboard. PJ explains how harmful pollution is to the environment and our water supply.

The Captain is still not convinced about the importance of fresh water. That is, until he comes face-to-snout with the infamous pirate, Toni the Flipper. Will Captain Doorknob learn the error of his ways?

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Educational Standards


  • The uses of water
  • The importance of water
  • Ways to conserve water
  • Ways water gets polluted


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