What’s Your Goal?

STEM Careers

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Grades 9-12

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45 Minutes

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Show Synopsis

What’s Your Goal consists of two live improvised sketches about job skills and education, followed by a “Ted Talk”-style presentation that provides detailed information on career possibilities for graduating high school students.

The first sketch uses a student volunteer who is responsible for providing movement for the two actors, who act out the scene like live-action mannequins. In the process, everyone learns a little something about the importance of acquiring skills and education to prepare you for a career.

The second sketch is an action-packed, three-legged race with four student volunteers that illuminates many of the topics surrounding finding financial aid for college.

Once the actors have caught the attention of the students through the two highly interactive sketches, the program ends with a thought-provoking and fact-filled discussion on the green/STEM careers available for newly graduated high school students in the Indiana/Michigan area.

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Educational Standards


  • Job skills and employment
  • Financial aid for post-high school education
  • Green/STEM careers in the Indiana/Michigan area


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