Winning class

By giving NTC feedback on our programs, teachers improve our ability to meet the needs of their students and fellow educators—and we want to thank them. Each school year, NTC randomly selects a teacher who has completed an online evaluation of the program held at their school. Chelsea Williams, a second and third grade teacher, is this school year’s $250 prize winner in the NTC teacher evaluation contest!

With sponsorship from WPPI, Holy Spirit Catholic School in Norway, WI hosted Showdown at Conservation Canyon on May 18, 2016. The program was geared towards creating a greater environmental awareness and an energy efficient mindset among K – 6 grade students. Chelsea shared, “My students enjoyed the performance so much that they came back to class and reenacted the whole thing for me. For the rest of the year they were quoting ‘Open your eyes, be energy wise!’”

Thank you to all of the teachers who help us better serve their schools. Congratulations, Chelsea!