Reaching Underserved Students with STEM Education

A unique STEAM approach to STEM

How can you reach the underserved communities in your city? Your region? Your state? Delivering effective STEM programming can be a challenge in any situation. Adding demographic or geographic targets can make it even more challenging. One foundation in Arizona chose a STEAM program that focused on just rural areas of the state where smaller schools in low-income areas are sometimes overlooked when it comes to enrichment programs.

Through two years of grants from the APS Foundation, a total of 24,729 students in grades 4 through 8 received STEM education programming that aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards. The experience came in the form of a live play and supporting classroom instruction revolving around the importance of science, technology, engineering and math, as well as career-related information. The program was customized by the recipient of the grants, the NTC Research Foundation, to specifically highlight STEM careers in the state of Arizona. In this way, the APS Foundation’s primary goal of improving the quality of skilled workers in the state was addressed. Read this case story on the methods and impact of this two year innovative program.

STEM graphic Novel

STEM Education Case Story