Discover One of a Kind STEM Education (and What It Can Do For You)

Watch the video to see how the power of group experience can make an impact for your organization

Harness the power of social norming to ensure your organization’s outreach is as effective as possible. Watch the video to learn more. (2:55)

During the Space Race of the mid-20th century, the people of the United States and the Soviet Union became enthralled by the quest to reach outer space. Both nations came to understand the power of the group experience: the ability to change interests, enthusiasm and behavior by influencing perceptions of one’s peers in the community. The Space Race may be long over, but the power of the group experience through social norming is as strong as ever—and it can be used by your organization to supercharge your STEM education program.

NTC helps spread your passion for STEM enrichment to schools throughout the country. Since 2010 alone, our award-winning programs have connected with more than 6 million students at over 18,000 schools in 44 states. Our creative educational tools—including live in-school events, web development, video production and more—use social norming to unlock the potential of the group experience and inspire the future innovators that could revolutionize your industry.

We’ve created a live-action infographic to illustrate how the group experience can enhance your organization’s social impact. Utilizing dynamic visual design and vivid animation, the video and corresponding infographic illustrate how your company can creatively affect behavior change through social norming. That’s been NTC’s specialty for 40 years, and we can do the same for your outreach program. Watch the video and download the free printable infographic to find out how.