Discover One of a Kind Energy Efficiency Education (and What It Can Do for Your Utility)

In this NTC ED Talk video, our award winning creative director, Jon Mikkelsen, discusses how the power of social norming can help your utility connect with your community. (2:58)

The utilities industry is in flux. Combatting climate change continues to be a global priority, renewable resources and energy efficiency technologies evolve at a rapid rate, yet many utilities still grapple with how to adapt for the 21st century. In a time of such uncertainty, keeping your customers up to date becomes more important than ever – but how can you be sure that your customer outreach efforts are effectively educating and engaging those in your community?

One of the most powerful resources for customer engagement is also one of the most undervalued. By investing in K-12 education, your utility has the chance to deliver positive, inspiring messages to the kids in your community and get them excited about saving energy. And when those students bring that passion home to their families and communities (your customers), your utility can truly become a pioneer in energy efficiency – and supercharge its brand reputation in the process.

Of course, we’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way. In our NTC ED Talk video and whitepaper, our award-winning creative director, Jon Mikkelsen, discusses how NTC uses the power of social norming through group experience to maximize the impact of our educational programs. The science of social norming states that kids develop their values based on what they believe their peers are doing. During one of our in-school events, any misperceptions can be set straight through a shared experience that allows an entire school of friends and classmates to laugh and learn together. Even after the event, our messages reverberate and allow positive lessons to really sink in – and that’s when the full power of community outreach efforts like yours can be achieved.

Watch the video and download the whitepaper to find out how NTC has set itself apart in the world of community outreach – and how we can do the same for your organization.