Learn How Adding Creativity Can Spark Your Utility’s Education Program

Do your utility’s customer outreach efforts feel ancient? Watch the video and learn how adding a creative element can maximize your impact. (1:22)

In a forthcoming 2017 Utility Dive survey, created by Industry Dive in collaboration with NTC, 53.5% of industry professionals surveyed claim that a lack of consumer interest is the greatest challenge to implementing residential customer education programs. As the utilities industry continues to transform at a rapid rate, how can your company make sure that your customer base stays engaged and informed about the latest energy-saving resources? The most effective way is to use creativity and storytelling to supercharge K-12 education.

Since 1978, NTC has specialized in providing dynamic educational programs that inspire students. We’ve discovered that by using imaginative stories and colorful casts of characters, kids not only learn important lessons about energy efficiency – they also get excited about doing their part, connecting energy-saving lessons to their own lives. And when that passion is brought home to their families and communities, your customer base becomes committed to saving energy and utilizing your company’s latest resources. We’ve been honored by the Telly Awards, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AESP and Fierce Innovation Awards, but most important is our ability to connect utilities like yours to the communities that could determine the success of your energy efficiency, safety and DSM programs.

Watch the video above to see just one example of how we use creativity and vibrant characters to engage students and inspire a passion for saving energy. What happens when you try to teach a 3,000 year old Mummy about smart energy use? Take a minute to find out.