Find Out What’s Missing from Your Community Outreach

Enhance Your Impact Through Creative Teaching Methods

Video may have killed the radio star but it also appeals to viewers of all types. What lessons on financial literacy could you teach through this method? (Running Time: 02:00)

Community education programs are a mainstay for financial organizations. Delivering K-12 outreach that makes a real impact can form lasting connections and improve the wealth and prosperity of your community and your organization. However, an effective strategy takes more than providing a few money-saving tips to your customers.

Inspiring students to prepare for their financial future can spread that positive message to families as well. When students get excited about smart money management, they become messengers in the community, spreading financial lessons that benefit everyone – including organizations like yours. The key is to entertain and educate students through humor, storytelling and creativity, which is NTC’s mission.

We’d like to highlight one of our many innovative teaching methods. We produce a wide variety of videos in our Minneapolis studio, and have built a talented roster of actors, writers, directors and crew members who are dedicated to creating videos that are as entertaining as they are informative.

One of our most ambitious endeavors is the syndicated TV series [email protected], which uses humor and storytelling to deliver valuable lessons on financial literacy. In this video, a panhandler on the streets receives a free lesson about smart money management, including the prioritization of needs and wants and the importance of setting goals. Some viewers might recognize the Bob Dylan parody, but everyone will pick up on the financial literacy lessons conveyed through humor and a unique visual style.

In order to give your community outreach as much impact as possible, it’s important to lend your educational content a creative edge. There are a number of reasons why productions like [email protected] are so effective at teaching both kids and adults:

  • Teaching through creativity and storytelling can engage all audiences, including “right-brained” viewers who respond intuitively rather than analytically
  • In a world dominated by media and advertisements, providing an emotional connection through humor and characterization can set your message apart
  • Entertaining students through K-12 outreach educates them, inspires them and connects them to your brand
  • All of this is achieved through a simple, cost-effective method that promotes your message in an appealing, memorable way

If you want your customers to develop a positive connection to your brand and learn financial strategies that will benefit both them and your organization, see what humor and creativity can do for your outreach programming.