An NTC ED Talk: Why Choose In-School Theatre for Your Health and Wellness Educational Outreach?

In our latest NTC ED Talk, Creative Director Jon Mikkelsen details a live, in-school theatrical education program from inception to implementation to evaluation. (Running Time: 2:33)

The Content

NTC Creative Director Jon Mikkelsen is featured in our latest NTC ED Talk video and accompanying whitepaper, detailing the lessons we’ve learned and best practices for delivering an effective in-school, educational, theatrical program that help health organization connect to their community.

The video and whitepaper detail a theatrical health and wellness education program from inception to implementation, covering the following:

  • Why should health organizations utilize theatrical programs in their health promotion efforts?
  • The three essential steps in producing effective and efficient in-school program
  • The three things that each educational script must deliver
  • Techniques that ensure young audiences are engaged and retain the health information
  • How to measure and evaluate quantifiable results

Our Approach

NTC’s ED Talks are modeled after a well-known educational video series in which experts discuss the ins and outs of their field in a straightforward but engaging format. Shot in our Minneapolis studio, these videos feature our team of creative experts teaching valuable lessons. Dynamic graphics and in-school presentation videos are incorporated onscreen, reiterating the basic concepts in a vivid and memorable way. The live theatre format is a cost-effective method to ensure that audiences engage with and remember the health education and prevention messages.

We also provide accompanying whitepapers with our ED Talk videos, expanding on the topic in a printable article. Just as our in-school theatrical programs convey important information through a creative, multifaceted curriculum, our ED Talks present vital concepts through an innovative multimedia approach.

Key Takeaways

Health promotion through education and prevention are more difficult than ever before. This makes it increasingly important to convey positive health and wellness messages to communities in engaging, inspiring ways. In-school theatrical programs achieve by encouraging young people to lead healthy lifestyles while driving health organizations’ public image.

Some of the takeaways featured in this NTC ED Talk include:

  • Understanding the scripting process, the performance, and the ability to measure and analyze results
  • Connecting with K-12 students through storytelling, characters and creativity creates a “trickle up” effect throughout adults in targeted communities
  • Focusing on four main health educational concepts ensures that audiences retains key messages
  • The importance of Clarity, Value and the Ability to Take Action
  • The importance to have teachers evaluate in-school programs

These takeaways and others are included in the NTC ED Talk video and whitepaper, demonstrating the tactics that could make all the difference for your health education and prevention programs.