NTC Presents the Results of Our NEW Utility Dive Survey

NTC’s 2017 survey of 187 utility executives is available now for download. Learn what these experts think about residential customer education, ROI on community programs and more. (Running Time: 9:12)

The Content

The 2017 Utility Residential Customer Education Survey, implemented by NTC in conjunction with Utility Dive is an in-depth look at residential customer programming. What works? What doesn’t work? What does the future hold? One hundred eight-seven utility experts weighed in and the results are in the comprehensive report, available for download here.

NTC’s President and Founder, Ward Eames, presented the results of the survey at the 2017 PLMA conference. The survey results were presented in part through NTC’s Hands-On Learning video series. In this popular series, facts and figures are presented, along with some imaginative storytelling, props, photos and a pair of disembodied hands. Hands-On Learning is a fun and unique way to check out the highlights of this report. After the video, download the full NTC/Utility Dive survey for more details.

Our Approach

The 2017 Utility Residential Customer Education Survey is NTC’s second pairing with Utility Dive. In 2015 a similar survey was conducted and we were eager to see what changes or consistencies there were in the opinions of utility experts. Utility Dive contacted representatives in the utilities industry at companies of various sizes, types and regions. One hundred eighty-seven of these representatives participated and answered questions on the efficacy of their residential programs, how budgets will affect future programming and the ever-elusive ROI on community outreach efforts.

NTC’s approach to working with utility clients is to focus on the specific needs of each one and deliver cost-effective, impactful programs. The NTC/Utility Dive survey will be a useful tool for us as we expand and improve our energy education campaigns. The survey is also an extremely useful tool for professionals working in the utilities industry. Recognizing that your pain points are shared by other utility professionals, comparing your challenges to those of others within your industry and discovering the areas in which you exceed or fall behind those in comparable situations provides a real-world baseline from which to pursue improvement.

Key Takeaways

The results of the 2017 Utility Residential Customer Education Survey contains valuable insight from utility executives. Some key points are:

  • Lack of consumer interest is a major obstacle when attempting to implement residential customer programs
  • Overall, utility executives don’t have a completely positive view of their company’s outreach efforts
  • Lack of ROI is a stumbling block when seeking funding for new programming
  • Over half of the utilities surveyed do not use mobile apps in conjunction with their residential programs

Download the report now to learn more.