NTC Reveals How to Track Community Outreach ROI

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“Measure to Create Social Impact,” a whitepaper by NTC founder, Ward Eames, provides a detailed analysis of measurable ROI on community outreach programs and illustrates how to reach both your qualitative and quantitative goals.

The Content

NTC’s whitepaper, “Measure to Create Social Impact”, is an in-depth look at the best practices for measuring the results – both qualitative and quantitative – of community outreach programming. Since founding the company in 1978, NTC Founder and President, Ward Eames, has led a team dedicated to the creation of impactful educational programs for utilities across the country, and the measurement and evaluation of results for every campaign delivered.

NTC is a premium provider of effective community outreach programs with a proven system of measurable evaluation. This whitepaper includes valuable information on:

  • The importance of the K-12 school system in connecting to and engaging with communities
  • The five basic categories of school outreach that create social impact
  • Desired outcomes or goals for organizations implementing outreach programming
  • The six components of evaluating social impact that are essential to an evaluation system

Our Approach

The NTC approach to educational programming has been tried and tested for over 40 years in schools across the country. Each year, thousands of schools and over a million students benefit from these safety and energy efficiency programs. Our utility clients also benefit from the community connections that are made and the measurable ROI on each campaign.

NTC creates in-school experiences that make a difference in the lives of educators, children and their families. Our clients and their communities have embraced NTC’s work and the measurable results of our programs have proven invaluable in evaluating the success of each campaign. In this whitepaper, Ward explores the NTC process of obtaining measurable ROI from impactful community outreach programming on behalf of our utility clients.

Key Takeaways

At NTC, we know that ROI for community outreach programs can in fact be quantifiably measured. Over the last 40 years we have worked for some of the biggest names in the utility business and from the very beginning we have provided our clients with details metrics and proof of ROI. We believe that:

  • K-12 school outreach is a cost-effective and measurable type of community outreach
  • There are five basic categories of school outreach and each have specific benefits and drawbacks.
  • Utilities invest in K-12 school outreach for a variety of reasons including image enhancement, program marketing, internal and external mandates, philanthropy, and more
  • An education audit is an excellent way to evaluate the components of your programs and effectively create social impact
  • When planning and implementing any community outreach programming, it’s important to establish a system for analyzing results

Utilities that invest in community outreach and education frequently find it difficult to fully measure the results of their programs. Our whitepaper provides valuable insight into our process for creating programs that make a difference in your community while evaluating the results.