NTC Video: Millennials Are Customers, Not a Curse

In “The Mummy Gets Schooled” video series we have a little fun examining important customer engagement issues. In this episode, our hero, a 3,000 year old mummy, expresses concern for his son and how his worldview as a millennial will color his experience as a financial services customer. (Running Time: 3:29)

The Content

NTC believes in presenting educational concepts in creative ways. In our video series “The Mummy Gets Schooled,” we explore a variety of subjects through short video clips that aren’t meant to completely enlighten the viewer, but instead plant the seed of an idea to think about while hopefully providing a laugh at the same time. In this episode, our hero, a 3,000-year-old mummy, visits the wise (and testy) cat goddess Bastet, seeking guidance for his millennial son.

Like most organizations, banks, credit unions, state agencies and other financial institutions provide service to millennials – the largest living generation, by population. Millennials’ connection to technology and devices, interest in social causes, and sometimes their suspicion of big business make them a unique set of customers. In this episode of NTC’s popular comedy video series, we discover that they just happened to have the same issues in ancient Egypt.

Our Approach

We’ve shot over a dozen videos in our “Mummy Gets Schooled” series, focusing on different topics for the different industries we serve. When preparing these videos, we ask ourselves three questions:

  • Is it a subject that applies to our target audience? Because we want our content to be relevant.
  • Does the script make us laugh? Because if it does, we have a chance of making you laugh.
  • Does the mummy costume need some Febreze? Because hot lights and guy sweat.

Shot in our Minneapolis studio, “The Mummy Gets Schooled” series drops an ancient Egyptian mummy into scenarios that allow for humor but hopefully make the viewer think too. In this case, we address the fact that many industries are still trying to find ways to reach the millennial generation, which has a very different worldview when compared to the Baby Boomers.

Key Takeaways

Millennials are frequently stereotyped by some industries and advertisers. In many instances, this viewpoint comes from a lack of shared experience. It’s a generation that interacts effortlessly (and sometimes it seems, exclusively) with technology. They tend to take care of business on gadgets and instant satisfaction is often one of their expectations. As a group, they are increasingly aware of social causes and appreciate it when the businesses they deal with strive to be socially aware as well. It’s important for the financial industry to adapt to these consumers and present effective solutions to this influential group’s specific issues.