NTC Whitepaper: Theatre Revolutionizes Financial Education

In our new NTC ED Talk and whitepaper, Creative Director Jon Mikkelsen presents theatre as a dynamic, hard-hitting educational tool. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at NTC’s K-12 in-school programing. (Running Time: 2:33)

The Content

NTC’s ED Talk videos and downloadable white papers are a great example of our approach to conveying information we think is relevant to our clients and potential business partners. In this edition, NTC Creative Director Jon Mikkelsen talks about the impact of educational theatre on K-12 students and NTC’s process for implementing effective in-school theatrical programming on behalf of our clients. Jon oversees the creative side of production for NTC’s theatre, print, digital and gaming materials. He has worked on financial literacy and money management programs for Bank of the West, NBC Universal (Telemundo), the Iowa Insurance Division, the North Dakota Securities Department and many other NTC clients.

The ED Talk video and whitepaper take you through a theatrical education program from creative development to final evaluation. Jon reveals:

  • Why organizations sponsor educational theatre programs as part of their community outreach
  • Three essential steps toward making an impact through cost-effective in-school programs
  • The reasons for choosing four primary topics to emphasize during the live performance
  • NTC’s techniques for engaging students and delivering information that is retained
  • Ways to measure and analyze qualitative and quantitative program results

Our Approach

NTC targets the K-12 school channel, delivering live educational theatre performances and supplemental digital and print curriculum that teach important financial facts. Banks, credit unions and government agencies across the country have discovered the talents of the NTC staff, and on their behalf we deliver programs to thousands of schools and over a million students each year. A key benefit for our clients is NTC’s proven ability to reach beyond the school to the home, engaging the customer.

NTC’s ED Talks are inspired by a well-known video series in which experts from a variety of fields share their expertise through informal talks. Our videos feature our team of creative NTC experts, who have years of experience in educational theatre. By providing the accompanying whitepaper, we go into even more detail on each subject we present.

Key Takeaways

NTC’s programs are worth a close look from financial organizations of every size and type. Forty years ago, NTC’s president, Ward Eames, discovered a way to deliver information in a way that seems to appeal to all audiences: live, interactive, educational theatre.

Some of Jon’s main takeaways from his NTC ED Talk include:

  • The success of in-school theatre programs stems from the quality of the educational script, the consistency of the performance itself, and the ability to measure results.
  • Engaging K-12 students with the emotional experience of live theatre and storytelling distinguishes your educational outreach and reaches beyond the school to the home.
  • Focusing on just four main educational concepts in the live program allows younger audiences to retain information. More detailed follow-up classroom learning is then added through supplemental materials.
  • Clarity, value and the ability to take action are essential program attributes.
  • Feedback from educators through detailed evaluation is an important tool, used to improve your programs over time, making them increasingly effective.