An NTC Case Story: How Your Organization Can Bring Creative STEM Education to Schools

Watch this hilarious one minute message by NTC’s Manager of Product Development Frank Maciel as he tries to lay out his vision for STEM education (Running Time: 1:52)

The Content

In NTC’s newest video, we’ve posed a challenge for our Manager of Product Development, Frank Maciel: in one minute or less, discuss why K-12 STEM education is so important today and the best practices for delivering it. Frank’s “One-Minute Message” leads to some peculiar and humorous ideas, but it provides a perfect introduction to our corresponding case story on an actual STEM program entitled Time for Tech. Best Buy Foundation sponsored this artistic, narrative based middle school program that was presented in Minnesota.

While the One-Minute Message video provides a comedic appetizer, the Time for Tech case story provides the real meat and potatoes when it comes to K-12 STEM outreach. Some of the main points discussed in the PDF download include:

  • The origins and goals of the Time for Tech program
  • An overview of why STEM education is more important than ever
  • The creative and educational approach used in implementing Time for Tech
  • The benefits of an artistic, narrative-based, multimedia approach
  • Measurable impacts of the Time for Tech program
  • Lessons learned and best practices

Our Approach

We believe that audiences learn more effectively if they engage creatively and emotionally with stories and characters. Just as our in-school programs embrace this belief by presenting STEM education to students in imaginative ways, our One-Minute Message video – shot in our Minneapolis studio in front of a greenscreen – provides an amusing overview of the concepts discussed more in-depth in the Time for Tech case story.

Key Takeaways

As the future of STEM industries becomes increasingly urgent and unpredictable, the impact of K-12 educational outreach cannot be overlooked. Bringing creative educational programs to schools can help STEM organizations engage the innovators of tomorrow.

The Time for Tech program, delivered by the Best Buy Foundation and NTC, focused on coding and technology specifically. Implementation of Time for Tech imparted many lessons, some of which are detailed in this case story. Among the key takeaways discussed:

  • Aspects such as comedic improvisation, audience participation, and repetition of main points contribute to increased retention
  • Supplemental materials such as student playbooks, teacher guides, and digital games and activities help convey information in a memorable, multidisciplinary way over a long time
  • The power of the “Trickle Up” system inspires excitement among K-12 students and encourages them to pass messages along to their families and communities

Watch the One-Minute Message video for a humorous take on STEM education, then dive into our Time for Tech case story to see what else NTC and the Best Buy Foundation learned about delivering a high-impact STEM program to K-12 schools.

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