NTC Case Story: How Southern California Edison Educates Residential Customers

In our new “One Minute Message” video, Manager of Product Development Frank Maciel discusses the importance of bilingual community outreach. He also manages to drag Klingons, Pepe Le Pew and Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau into the mix. After you check out the video, read the case story on a bilingual electrical safety program NTC implemented for Southern California Edison. (Running Time: 1:50)

The Content

One Minute Message is NTC’s newest comedy video series from the same creative team responsible for The Mummy Gets Schooled (watch for a new episode, debuting soon). In one minute or less, Manager of Product Development, Frank Maciel tackles topics that are important to the utilities industry. In this installment, it’s all about targeted community outreach ─ in this case, bilingual programming. Frank relies on soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, dreamy Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and “technology” developed for the Teletubbies to lay out a plan for making bilingual education easy. But since his plan is a disaster (and possibly illegal) we’ve also provided an NTC Case story about a real K-12 English/Spanish program NTC delivered to elementary schools in Southern California. Many schools in Southern California Edison’s service territory contain high percentages of Hispanic/Latino students with bilingual families. This target demographic was effectively engaged through NTC’s in-school program Agents of Safety on behalf of Southern California Edison.

We don’t want to drop any spoilers for the video, so here are details on the Agents of Safety Case Story instead:

  • The origins of Edison’s Agents of Safety and goals of the program
  • The importance of targeted programming, tailored to specific customer demographics
  • NTC’s approach to implementing in-school educational outreach on behalf of utilities
  • Characteristics that set the program apart from other energy education
  • Measurable impact of the program including ratings from educators
  • Details on how the program can be replicated at scale
  • Lessons learned and best practices for utility-sponsored enrichment education

Our Approach

For 40 years, NTC has produced educational content for K-12 students that engages through creativity and consistently aligns with state and national educational standards. With One Minute Message, the video is quick bite of comedy that doesn’t take up a lot of your time, while the case story is an in-depth look at a program that includes components that any implementer of community outreach programming may find valuable. Our approach to energy education in schools is exciting, interactive and fun. We strive to make our “adult” content just as entertaining. As for interactivity – if you ever have a brilliant idea for a new One Minute Message video, hit us up!

Key Takeaways

The United States is a melting pot with a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, traditions and languages represented. It’s easy to use a “one size fits all” approach to community engagement but it’s not the most effective way to meet the specific needs of residential customers. Within a single service territory, many demographics are represented. Targeted programming is the way to go.

The Agents of Safety program, delivered by NTC on behalf of Southern California Edison, focused on electrical safety. Information on staying safe around electricity and avoiding hazardous situations saves lives, and by including English/Spanish take-home materials, families with bilingual children and parents were more likely to discuss the details presented in the program.

Key takeaways from the Agents of Safety Case Story include:

  • Innovative teaching methods can stimulate young minds about subjects in which they might otherwise express little interest
  • Bilingual take-home materials helped Agents of Safety reach beyond the classroom to families at home
  • Programs that focus on the “Four Cs” of 21st century learning skills – collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity ─ are embraced by K-12 educators

Enjoy the One Minute Message video then download the Agents of Safety Case Story to learn more about this unique K-12 energy education program.

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