Secrets Behind NTC’s Award-Winning Customer Engagement Programs

In this new NTC ED Talk and whitepaper, we highlight a particular piece of NTC’s energy education programs. Watch the video featuring Nate Metcalf, NTC’s Technical Director, and read the accompanying information on how set design makes our in-school educational theatre presentations pop. (Running Time: 3:54)

The Content

NTC Technical Director Nate Metcalf designs and builds all of the technical elements of our in-school theatrical programs. This includes costumes, props and sets that need to survive weeks and weeks of touring as our presenters travel from school to school, performing for hundreds of students per day. Nate’s work adds visually stimulating and tangible assets to our K-12 programming that enhance the learning experience as we get kids excited about energy efficiency, electrical and natural gas safety, and water conservation.

Nate’s NTC ED Talk video focuses solely on set design, while the accompanying whitepaper highlights all of the technical aspects of our theatrical presentations. The video includes details on:

  • The process of designing and building sets for NTC productions
  • The use of humor, bold colors and whimsical set design to support awareness and retention of our utility clients’ messaging
  • The adaptability required from our theatrical sets due to challenges presented by the different facilities from school to school

Our Approach

NTC’s ED Talks are a tribute to a well-known video series in which experts discuss their areas of expertise in a simple, straightforward format. We also provide downloadable whitepapers with our ED Talk videos that provide a more in-depth look at the information presented in the video.

NTC ED Talks are shot in our Minneapolis studio and feature our team of creative experts, many of whom have been working in educational theatre for many years. In this case, it’s our technical director, Nate Metcalf who has also written educational scripts and graphic novels, designed and created thousands of costumes over the years, and hit the road many times as an NTC performer. We’re excited to share his valuable insights.

Key Takeaways

Should you choose to take your organization’s messaging into K-12 schools, be prepared to create programs and materials that spark the imagination and stand out from standard classroom learning. The overall experience of a live NTC performance is an exciting and interactive one, and students are engaged on an emotional level. When you break an NTC program down, you can see how each individual detail, including set design, contributes to the program as a whole.

Watch the ED Talk video and download the corresponding whitepaper to learn more about the creativity behind this indispensable important part of NTC’s K-12 school programming.

For more information on NTC’s programs and capabilities, contact us at [email protected].