The Mummy Gets Schooled: NTC Presents a Humorous Look at Careers in the Medical Industry

NTC’s video series “The Mummy Gets Schooled” continues as a 3,000-year-old mummy lands an unlikely job as a doctor in a modern-day hospital. Watch for a humorous take on the importance of recruiting young, skilled workers in the field of medicine. (Running Time: 1:51)

The Content

NTC’s beloved Mummy character returns, this time as the most experienced doctor in a modern-day hospital, with over 3,000 years of practice on the job. He offers a troubling diagnosis to a concerned patient, who may have come down with a bad case of “the Mark of Osiris.”

Like our live in-school theatrical performances, this short video discusses a topic of great importance to the modern healthcare industry – the importance of inspiring and recruiting young, skilled workers – but presents this subject through humor and storytelling, making our message more engaging and memorable.

Our Approach

Shot in our Minneapolis studio, The Mummy Gets Schooled series transplants an ancient Egyptian mummy to modern-day situations impacting health and wellness. When thinking about the most entertaining and creative ways to relay these scenarios, the Mummy character seemed like a natural way to present information humorously without the need for any backstory.

The Mummy Gets Schooled is an example of our in-house video production. Similar to our in-school theatrical programs, they are scripted to be entertaining while emphasizing basic pieces of information.

Key Takeaways

Americans of all ages continue to be plagued by a variety of health concerns, from oversized portions to unhealthy, unnatural foods, from lack of exercise to a lack of mental health awareness. In addition, younger generations face greater pressures than ever before, from bullying to smoking to the lack of online security, all of which can lead to hazardous, stressful situations.

Clearly, it is important for health and wellness organizations to engage and inspire K-12 students to lead healthy, positive lives. This not only connects those organizations to the community and improves their reputation, but also creates a positive legacy for future generations. Instead of conveying this urgency strictly through facts and analysis, NTC believes that humor and creativity are essential in getting all audiences excited about potentially difficult subjects. Watching the Mummy discover his true vocation as a doctor creates an entertaining, emotional bond that more traditional methods of learning can’t achieve.

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