NTC’s Hilarious New Mummy Video: Workforce Development

The Mummy is back. Naturally, he has landed a job as a customer service representative at his local electric utility. Unsurprisingly, he’s…not especially skilled. NTC’s video series “The Mummy Gets Schooled” continues with a look at workforce development. The characters depicted in this video do not represent actual utility employees, undead or otherwise. (Running Time: 2:40)

The Content

Through The Mummy Gets Schooled, NTC’s grunting and groaning character, The Mummy, has learned a lot about the utilities industry. He’s installed energy efficient lighting in his tomb, found out that he needs to call 811 before he digs up his wife and learned how millennials are different from other energy customers. In this latest episode, we spotlight workforce development as The Mummy lands a job as a customer service rep at his local electric utility.

We really doubt that any of your employees are as bad at anything as The Mummy is at customer service. But finding employees that have the skills (or the ability to learn the skills) necessary to effectively represent your utility is vital to your organization’s success and growth. It’s important to consistently evaluate and update your workforce development strategies and discover new ways to find the best help for the task at hand. Please note: this is NOT what we think your employees are like. Just a cautionary tale if you’re thinking about hiring a 3,000-year-old walking dead guy with a bad attitude.

Our Approach

The Mummy Gets Schooled is shot as part of our in-house video production. The Mummy is tossed into a variety of scenarios opposite characters that help to lightly illustrate real business-related issues. Obviously, a mummy, wearing a headset, providing questionable customer service isn’t meant to be taken TOO seriously. The goal is to present a quick bite of entertainment with a message.

The Mummy Gets Schooled shares some similarities with our in-school educational theatre. We take a serious subject, important to our utility clients, and add a humorous twist. Since these videos are aimed at adults rather than K-12 students, we get to explore topical comedy with a little more freedom.

Key Takeaways

Workforce development can be a challenge. Finding skilled workers, from customer service reps, to linemen, to engineers, is a tough undertaking and of course, you always want to do it right. The Mummy is clearly not a real example of an employee (although I swear he waited on me at a Hot Topic once, without his bandages) but the point remains the same ─ the payoff to a solid workforce development strategy is quality on-the-job performance by your employees.

Some key takeaways from The Mummy Gets Schooled:

  • Finding the right person for the job will make your own job easier
  • The customer experience should always be as positive as you can manage to make it
  • The guy playing The Mummy has no trouble memorizing his lines

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