NTC’s Hilarious New Mummy Video: Corporate Social Responsibility

In NTC’s latest episode of The Mummy Gets Schooled, The Mummy meets the powerful yet clueless Desert Wind. This fact-challenged force of nature has come to stress the importance of
corporate social responsibility. (Running Time: 3:01)

The Content

NTC’s The Mummy Gets Schooled takes a look at the superpower that all utilities have ─ the power to make a difference in the communities they serve through targeted outreach and personalized customer engagement. In this latest installment of NTC’s popular video series, our hero meets the mighty Desert Wind. You might not have known that the wind is just a guy standing on a pallet with a bunch of electric fans, but here’s the proof. Sort of.

Utility industry professionals probably don’t need to be reminded of the value of community outreach and corporate social responsibility programs. The companies that supply energy across the United States are powerful forces in the communities they serve (pun intended) and effective CSR programs are implemented by these organizations on a regular basis. NTC works with some of the top utilities in the country, developing programs that impact students, teachers and parents. Many of these programs are part of corporate social responsibility efforts, so we threw one of our favorite characters into the fray to stress the importance of CSR. Watch and enjoy!

Our Approach

The Mummy Gets Schooled is part of NTC’s unique approach to content marketing. Every day, people are inundated with print and Internet ads, commercials, and marketing emails. Sending out a marketing campaign is like tossing a rock into a pile of rocks and hoping that:

  1. A: Someone wants a rock.
  2. B: Someone who wants a rock picks up YOUR rock.

We could send out an endless stream of reports, whitepapers, stats and facts about NTC ─ and we do include those in some of our marketing pieces. But at our core, we believe in the power of entertainment as education. With this in mind, we do our best to include fun pieces as part of our marketing as well. We’re assuming that if you’ve gotten this far, you have watched The Mummy Gets Schooled deal with the topic of CSR programs. Thank you for picking up our rock.

Key Takeaways

Some key takeaways from The Mummy Gets Schooled:

  • Your company has the power to make a difference in your community
  • Your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is extremely valuable
  • The guy playing The Desert Wind still has traces of glitter in his hair

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