Should Your Utility Develop Digital Games?

Learn how digital games and apps can supercharge your residential and small business/commercial DSM programs. (Running Time: 2:05)

The Content

In one minute or less, Manager of Product Development, Frank Maciel tackles topics that are important to the utilities industry. In this installment, it’s all about an innovative approach to energy education in K-12 classrooms ─ educational digital games. In this new episode of One Minute Message, Frank starts off strong, attempting to bring clarity to this discussion that is timely and relevant for the utilities industry. However, by the time Ryan Gosling, Tonya Harding, the Pope and casinos make an appearance, we’re off the rails completely. The popularity of these new videos is the main reason Frank still has a job, so we hope you tune in and watch.

We don’t want to drop too many spoilers for the video. Instead, here are a few details on NTC’s report on gamification as it applies to the utilities industry:

  • How professional educators feel about using digital games as teaching tools
  • Why digital games are an effective way to teach energy-related information
  • How socio-economic status impacts the use of digital technologies in the classroom

Our Approach

NTC’s One Minute Message video series serves as a casual and comedic intro to more in-depth information, like our report on gamification. Digital games are an effective way to teach. They can also effectively influence behavior at the community level, helping utilities to reach energy efficiency goals, enhance DSM strategies and even cross-promote other programs to your residential customers. NTC strives to supply content that is relevant to utility industry professionals, but at the same time supply content with some entertainment value. One Minute Message won’t take up a lot of your time and you might have a laugh or two. After watching, if you’re interested in the concept of using digital games as a method of reaching particular goals for your organization, our report is available for download.

Key Takeaways

One of the fastest-growing educational breakthroughs in K-12 schools today is the use of digital games in the classroom. Recently, NTC surveyed close to 7,000 members of our Professional Educators Network (PEN) in order to better understand the positive impacts of digital games on students and teachers.

While similar surveys have explored the benefits and implementation of digital games, NTC’s PEN survey is one of the first to focus exclusively on the K-12 classroom teachers who have firsthand experience. The survey’s respondents come from rural, suburban and urban areas all across the country, representing both public and private schools in a variety of socioeconomic environments, ensuring an array of diverse perspectives.

Key takeaways from NTC’s report, Teachers Call for Digital Games that Highlight Energy Efficiency, include:

  • Why digital games that teach energy-related subjects are in high demand
  • How the development of educational digital games and providing them to schools impact parents and local businesses tied to those schools.
  • How digital games are used to support DSM strategies, promote wise energy usage, and cross-promote both residential and commercial programs.

Enjoy the One Minute Message video then download NTC’s report on the future of energy education through gamification to learn more.

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