NTC Report: Marketing Financial Literacy Programs through School Activation

In our new NTC ED Talk video and whitepaper, we highlight an important aspect of NTC’s financial literacy programs. Watch the video featuring MaryLynn Mennicke, NTC’s Director of School Communications, and read the accompanying report on how financial organizations can connect with K-12 students through school activation. (Running Time: 06:20)

The Content

NTC Director of School Communications MaryLynn Mennicke oversees a department that schedules thousands of schools each year to receive dynamic financial literacy programs. Thanks to our School Communications team, the creative energy that goes into building our live theatrical presentations truly comes alive when we perform for K-12 audiences. In the 2017-18 school year alone, we performed for over 1 million students!

How do we ensure that we connect with as many schools as possible? That’s the question MaryLynn answers in her NTC ED Talk video and whitepaper. Among the secrets she reveals:

  • How NTC emphasizes the uniqueness and value of our programs, ensuring that our live programs align with educational standards and incorporate the Four C’s of 21st Century Learning
  • The various communications modes we utilize, including email, physical mailings, phone calls and websites with custom-made scheduling portals
  • How NTC maximizes ease of access for educators, providing a turnkey, completely free service to schools

Our Approach

NTC ED Talks are shot in our Minneapolis studio and feature our team of creative experts, many of whom have been working in educational theatre for years. We also provide downloadable whitepapers with our ED Talk videos that offer a more in-depth look at the topics presented. In this case, we’re excited to share MaryLynn’s valuable insights into running a large-scale, complex school activations department like a well-oiled machine, connecting financial organizations to thousands of schools throughout the country.

Key Takeaways

Should you choose to take your organization’s messaging into K-12 schools, the most polished and well-made educational program won’t make much of an impact if it isn’t scheduled widely and effectively. NTC is unique in that we offer programs on behalf of our clients at a very large scale. By connecting financial organizations with schools through knowledge that empowers and inspires, NTC helps students and parents learn beneficial habits and create meaningful change in their lives and communities. Our School Communications department ensures that organizations like yours make maximum impact.

Watch the ED Talk video and download the whitepaper to learn more about the creativity and intense preparation that go into this crucial aspect of NTC’s K-12 programming.

For more information on NTC’s programs and capabilities, contact us at [email protected].