For the Best Possible Outreach Program, Find A-List Talent

Watch our NTC ED Talk video and read the whitepaper to see how we discover, hire, train and motivate our talented field personnel to educate students on financial literacy. (Running Time: 05:20)

Every year, NTC sends more than 100 troupes of educational presenters throughout the country. They stage thousands of live, in-school performances on subjects including financial literacy on behalf of organizations like yours. How do we ensure that we hire, train and motivate the best possible field personnel to represent financial organizations and teach students about smart money management?

The answers can be found in our NTC ED Talk video and whitepaper, in which Vice President of Operations Pat Rowan details our strategy for finding the most talented educators to ensure success for community outreach programs. Watch the video and read the whitepaper to learn the secrets about finding your field (personnel) of dreams.