NTC’s Hilarious 1-Minute Message Video Tackles Financial Literacy Education for High Schoolers

(Running Time: 02:01)

It’s a challenge your financial organization has probably faced before: how do you teach high schoolers about financial literacy? Is there a way to make credit, debit, insurance, investing, IRAs and 401(k)s interesting to Generation Z?

In our 1 Minute Message video, NTC Manager of Product Development Frank Maciel attempts to answer that exact question in sixty seconds or less. His unusual and impractical suggestion can be summed up in two words: Math Strobe. Thankfully, we also provide a case story on our new financial literacy program geared towards high schoolers, What’s Your Goal? It could help your financial organization solve the puzzle of how to inspire smart money management among your future (and present) customers.

Watch Frank’s 1 Minute Message and read our case story to discover how (and how not) to teach financial literacy to high school students.