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Workforce development: we share your pain. (Running Time: 05:20)

In a recent listing of top challenges that utilities are currently facing, “aging workforce” was listed at number three. That’s pretty serious. Many middle and high school students opt out of STEM-related subjects that might lead them to jobs in the utilities industry. Workforce development has grown into an entirely different animal than it was in the past.

At NTC, we’re not necessarily looking for scientists, engineers or mathematicians but we do have to hire around 200 people every year who tour the country as part of our live, in-school, educational programming. These professional actors travel from school to school, engaging hundreds of students per day, presenting utility messaging on energy efficiency, electrical and natural gas safety, renewables, DSM and DR issues, and more. Side note: oftentimes they do PORTRAY scientists, engineers and mathematicians. Learn about NTC’s approach to workforce development in our NTC ED Talk video and whitepaper.

Questions to Consider

  • Are you aware of what’s going on in your local high schools? Are students properly informed about trade and vocational schools in addition to traditional four year degrees?
  • Are your utility’s K-12 school programs focused exclusively on energy efficiency and/or safety? Or do you also promote STEM education and jobs in the utilities industry?
  • Have you considered a specific high school program that focuses on workforce development strategies by outlining the skills and post-secondary education required to compete in the utilities job market?

For more information on high school intervention for workforce development, contact NTC at [email protected].