Duke Energy Profile: An EE Kit Program That Rocks Explained in One Minute!

It’ll only take a minute (plus two seconds) to watch this man unravel. (Running Time: 02:02)

In NTC’s One Minute Message video, you’ll see a pretty unlikely idea for helping your customers save energy. It’s kind of funny. You should watch it.

After you watch, check out our new NTC Mini-Report on Duke Energy’s EE Kit program that has been raking in kWh savings for many years. Or stay on this page and read about life after kits. Ideally, we’d love you to stay a while and do all three. Watch. Download. Read. Oh ─ and enjoy!

Do you believe in life after kits?

Recently, I was talking to this millennial guy I know. I told him that I had just purchased a Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD on eBay. He got a confused look on his face, which quickly morphed into pity for me.

Finally, he spoke:

Him: If I saw a DVD on the ground, I wouldn’t even pick it up.

Quickly, I lied:

Me: I mean – um – it was a Blu-Ray.

Him: Same answer.

It’s a fact of life that eventually, everything will go away except death, taxes, Cher and cockroaches. Right now, utilities are still getting credit (and sometimes money) for kWh savings from energy efficiency kits. You hand out some LED light bulbs, a Tier One power strip (because Tier Twos are P-R-I-C-E-Y!), a couple of aerators, a low-flow shower head and maybe an LED nightlight. Then you sit back and watch the kWh and therms roll away like Indy’s giant boulder. But what happens when kits go away?

LED bulbs will soon become the baseline measure, and lighting programs ─ one of the best ways to achieve kWh savings ─ will be obsolete. The low-hanging fruit, for the most part, has been picked. It’s smart to start coming up with strategies to replace kit programs now (if you already aren’t) so that you stay on top of ever-shifting energy efficiency trends. So, what’s the answer? Maybe you collect monthly Smart Meter data and show your customers how practicing wise energy usage brings their bill down over time. Or perhaps you develop an app that reminds customers to run their washer and dryer or dishwasher at night so that they begin to modify their level and pattern of electricity usage, and help you to reach your DR/DSM goals. Those are great ideas. But billing and/or peer pressure only works to a point. We believe that combining those methods (and others) with true behavior change through education is the key.

Energy efficiency, natural gas conservation, Demand Side Management, Demand Response ─ these things aren’t going away anytime soon. They will be around until that millennial who hates on DVDs is really old. The question for you is: What’s new? We have a few ideas. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.