Long Beach elementary students learn an electrifying lesson


By EMILY RASMUSSEN | [email protected] | Long Beach Press-Telegram

Students at Olivia Nieto Herrera and Luther Burbank elementary schools in Long Beach watched a live, educational performance on Wednesday, Oct. 3, about the dangers of electricity and ways to stay safe.

Edison International sponsored the shows, put on by Agents of Safety, two actors who travel the nation to teach kids about electrical safety.

The 25-minute live performances taught K-6 students how electricity is made, the uses for it, how to identify dangerous situations and ways to stay safe around electricity. The main characters in the show are agents Moldy and Sculler, a play off of the protagonists from the X-Files series, who are trying to stop an electrical crisis and the “villainous slug” behind it.

Throughout the adventure, the actors taught the students about electrical safety and other facts.

Each day, nearly seven children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for electrical shock or burn injuries caused by tampering with a wall outlet, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International.

About 2,400 children annually in the U.S. are treated for injuries caused by electrical outlets, according to the foundation. And, of the approximately 4,000 injuries associated with electric extension cords each year, 13 percent of those involved children five years of age or younger and electrical burns to the mouth accounted for 50 percent of the injuries for young children.