The Mummy Returns in a Hilarious Video About Rewarding Your Customers

The latest episode of The Mummy Gets Schooled pays tribute to everyone’s favorite neighbor, as the Mummy travels to the Great Big Bank in Make-It-Up Land to see how it gives back to its customers. He discovers that not all customer rewards are created equal: if banks really want to give back to the community, they should make financial literacy education a top priority.

NTC knows a thing or two about providing high-impact financial literacy programs to our partners’ communities; we’ve been doing it for over 40 years. Our case story on our newest financial literacy program for high-school students, What’s Your Goal?, illustrates how our educational outreach truly makes a difference in the lives of students and educators and provides immeasurable PR value for sponsoring financial organizations.

Watch the latest episode of The Mummy Gets Schooled, then learn more by reading the What’s Your Goal? case story!