An NTC Video: Find Out How We Made a Difference Last Year

Each year, NTC visits thousands of schools and performs for millions of students on behalf of financial organizations like yours. Our K-12 programs engage students on a variety of topics, including credit and debit, savings, taxes, insurance, investing, financial aid and more.

There’s no better illustration of the impacts we provide than the testimonials left by teachers who experience an NTC program. We always request that educators leave feedback and comments about our shows, and their positive response is often overwhelming as they commend the educational value, audience engagement and long-term effectiveness of our programs.

Click above to watch a video featuring some of our favorite teacher quotes, as read by NTC staff. Then dive into our 2017-18 annual report for more information about the difference we made over the last school year. Some of the questions answered inside:

  • How many students, teachers and parents did NTC shows engage?
  • What was the geographical reach of NTC’s touring programs? (Hint: we visited nearly half of the United States in 2017-18, and several international countries.)
  • What kind of media exposure did our partners receive in 2017-18 thanks to NTC’s community outreach programs?

Watch the video and read our annual report to answer these questions and many more, and find out how NTC and financial organizations like yours can make a lasting impact in the community.