NTC reveals what teachers REALLY think of energy education

Utilities need to consistently educate their customers, providing information on energy efficiency habits and tools, electric and natural gas safety guidelines, and the latest in technology that can makes their lives easier and better. A proven method of reaching residential customers is through K-12 school programs. NTC has been implementing school programs on behalf of utilities for 40 years and we discovered early on that getting a program into a school can be a challenge. Teachers and administrators are busy, and they are often reluctant to give up class time for additional programming, even if it’s top-notch. Luckily, NTC has streamlined the process – so much so that we guarantee access to schools for our clients.

There’s no better illustration of the impacts we provide on behalf of utilities across the country than the testimonials left by teachers who experience an NTC program. Evaluation scores from teachers is just one metric by which we measure our programming, and this consistent feedback helps us to evolve over time, keeping our in-school offerings fresh and up-to-date. Recently, we put together a video that focuses on this feedback from teachers – and we didn’t stick with the positive feedback, exclusively. Criticism is just as valuable as praise. Also, the “constructive criticism” is pretty funny sometimes.

Click above to watch a video featuring some of our favorite teacher quotes, presented as a “dramatic reading” by NTC staff. Then dive into our 2017-18 annual report for more information about the difference we made over the last school year. Some of the questions answered inside:

  • How many students, teachers and parents did NTC shows engage?
  • What was the geographical reach of NTC’s touring programs? (Hint: we visited nearly half of the United States in 2017-18, and several international countries.)
  • What kind of media exposure did our partners receive in 2017-18 thanks to NTC’s community outreach programs?

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