NTC’s Hilarious New One Minute Message Video

Disaster can strike quickly in any community, making emergency preparedness crucial no matter where you are. Ever since 1997, when FEMA launched “Project Impact” – a national initiative to promote a new community-based approach to emergency preparedness – American communities have played an important role in identifying risks, establishing plans to reduce those risks and building partnerships with local stakeholders (including businesses) to ensure disaster resistance.

So how do organizations like yours teach emergency preparedness to the community? In his newest One Minute Message video, NTC Manager of Product Development Frank Maciel has a unique idea: regularly scare children so they’re constantly on their guard. Watch the video to see Frank deliver his completely untested, unendorsed theory in sixty seconds.

Thankfully, NTC has also prepared a real-life emergency preparedness program called Ready or Not, which uses a wealth of engaging educational materials to teach students and families how to prepare for any kind of disaster, so after you watch One Minute Message, read our Ready or Not case story to see how your organization can help strengthen your community and play an important role in its well-being.