Newbury Primary School pupils get to grips with recycling

Students and Actor

Newbury Primary School pupils are exploring recycling and waste problems with the help of the National Theatre for Children and LEGO.

The theatre company visited the school last Tuesday to kick-start its Showdown at Waste World program, in which students use LEGO education robotics to learn more about waste minimisation and recycling.

In coming weeks, pupils will build motorised sustainability models to showcase to parents at an in-school science expo.

National Theatre for Children managing director Tobias Benn said Tuesday’s performance was a great way to promote the program and inspire pupils to think about solving global problems.

“The show goes beyond reading or other more passive methods of engaging kids,” he said. “These children are watching a story unfold right before their eyes.

“We don’t lose the kids’ attention for a minute because they get to respond and interact with the show. It really sticks with them.”