Students Learn to ‘Play It Safe Around Electricity’


electrical safety show

POLK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Play it safe around electricity was the lesson that students at Pleasant Valley Intermediate near Kunkletown took very seriously as they watched a play about electrical safety.

The National Theatre for Children teamed up with PPL to take the presentation around the state.

“We have this effort underway. It’s a five-year effort to reach every elementary student in our service area. That’s 100,000 students with this free program,” said PPL Electric regional affairs director Alana Roberts.

Actors Allison Nissley and Shawn Murphy travel to schools all over Pennsylvania to put on a skit called “Agents of Safety.” The play teaches students how electricity is made and how dangerous it can be.

“Kids learn about fire safety in school, they learn about other kinds of safety, and about electricity, but not necessarily about how to be safe around electricity in a school environment,” said Nissley.

While electrical safety is no laughing matter, these actors are combining comedy with a serious lesson, and they say that’s exactly how they get through to the students.

The National Theatre for Children and PPL Electric Utilities presents “The Safety Detectives in Hot Pursuit” from PPL Electric Utilities on Vimeo.

“Even though it’s kind of wacky and cheesy at times, they are retaining the information, and they’re able to tell us ways they learned to be safe around electricity,” Nissley added.

While students get a good laugh at the on-stage antics, they’re also learning an important lesson.

“These are things they are around all the time. Electricity is everywhere constantly, and so to be safe around it is very, very important,” Murphy said.

PPL has more information available about electrical safey at its website.