The Mummy Gets Schooled on the Power of Financial Cooperatives

In this brand-new episode of The Mummy Gets Schooled, the almighty Pharaoh sends an order to the Mummy: crush and conquer a nearby kingdom to create synergy for the Egyptian empire! The Mummy assumes overthrowing the tiny kingdom will be like taking candy from a sarcophagus. Little does he know that King HumpDay has formed a collective to strengthen the kingdom, giving it the power of a much larger organization.

It’s an important lesson for small banks and financial companies, too. When they join a cooperative, association or credit union, the wealth and outreach capabilities of numerous small companies can band together and become much more powerful.

NTC has helped smaller companies work together to make a big impact through community outreach. Our Showdown at Cash Canyon program, for example, brought five organizations in Hawaii together to teach elementary students important lessons about financial literacy.

Watch the Mummy get schooled on the power of financial cooperatives, then read our case study on Showdown at Cash Canyon to learn how co-ops can use the power of community education to make a massive impact.