NTC’s Mummy in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

It’s a beautiful day in Mr. Mummy’s neighborhood! After a slightly treacherous trolley ride to the Land of Make-It-Up, our hero pays a visit to King HumpDay to deliver some bad news…

Investor-owned utilities, municipals, co-ops and energy providers of all sizes know that K-12 education is important, and that getting messaging on efficiency and safety to their customers through schools is a good investment. But schools programs can be cost-prohibitive. Especially if you want to engage multiple schools and a large number of students and their parents. So how do you do it?

At NTC, we’ve worked with a number of smaller utilities, municipals and city governments to create in-school programming that makes a big impact, despite smaller budgets. By teaming up with other organizations that have similar messaging they want to deliver to their communities, you can share certain up-front costs and make a K-12 program cost-effective, overall. Take a look at our interactive case story about water utilities in California that present a team-effort program on conservation every year. Questions? Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.