NTC’s One Minute Message Video: How (and Where) to Engage Millennials

In his newest One Minute Message video, NTC Manager of Product Development Frank Maciel states the obvious. We hear the word “millennials” way too often and it usually comes with a laundry list of character traits that makes it sound like dealing with this demographic is impossible and you are doomed to fail. Everyone seems to be obsessed with reaching millennials and how to engage them ─ but don’t stress over it. Frank will fill you in on how and where to engage this persnickety group.

Bonus info!

What do Barack Obama, Selena Gomez and the doomed Fyre Festival of 2017 have in common? They are all related to influencer marketing. Or at least we make them related on our interactive web page, The Ever-elusive Millennial Customer. Click on the kid in the pic to see it.