Need to energize your residential EE programs?

It’s an amazing experience to take an energy efficiency program into schools and present the information to kids. They are so eager to help when given the facts on the need for efficiency and conservation habits, and they are so much more adaptable than adults when it comes to energy usage and day-to-day behavior. NTC’s in-school programs are an effective way to deliver energy efficiency, safety and emergency preparedness kits to the households within your service territory. Our exciting and energizing in-school programs have caused utility customers across several states to request close over 500,000 kits from our clients.

With NTC kit programs, students are first engaged through a unique and powerful educational theatre performance, and from the presentation, they learn the uses and benefits of the specific kit in question. Their enthusiasm, stoked by the emotional experience of the live performance, carries over to the home, resulting in opt-in participation by their parents.

NTC reached a pretty impressive number of families through our multi-state programs, delivering energy efficiency kits to help those residential customers save millions of kWh in their homes. Download our special sci-fi infographic to see the stats for yourself, and for more information on our opt-in approach to EE kit programs, contact us at [email protected].