NTC’s Mummy Meets Basic Technology!

NTC’s Mummy videos are a quirky example of NTC’s approach to educational content – we want to deliver messages that matter to our clients, and do that in fun and innovative ways. In this episode, the Mummy discovers that despite his age and wisdom, he is no match for basic gadgetry. Luckily, at NTC, we know that gadgets and games are a great way to teach.

NTC works with banks, credit unions, state agencies and other organization interested in community outreach on smart money management.We create customized programming that engages K-12 students and their parents. Our programs reach students at the school level, and reach beyond the classroom to reach adults at home. One educational tool that gets students excited about honing their finance skills is digital gamification. Visit our website or contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how online games can help engage your customers.

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